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11/16/2018 : 3:11 am : +0100

This is Arivu

Arivu? Arivu!

 "Arivu" is Tamil and means knowledge, wisdom, education, learning. This word exactly describes our desire: to help children and teenagers in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu to obtain admission to school education. That is how they get a prospect for their future!

"Arivu" - learning and education - also happens here in Germany. German students get an insight into the realm of their Indian contemporaries. They plan activities and design projects for "help to self help". Nonetheless, exchange programmes and project tours help to achieve the ideal of a world of solidarity, justice, and peace. So we can feel that "one world for all" is possible.

The board members of "Arivu"



Hilde Munk
… is chairwoman of this charitable organization. She is coordinating all activities and is the first person to contact.

Kathrin Haase
… is deputy chairwoman. She works closely with Hilde Munk.

Andrea Schulte in den Bäumen... treasurer. She has got the overview of all earnings and expenses and is always happy to accept a payment on our donation account.

Katharina Krug...
 …is secretary. She takes the minutes of the board meetings.

Regina Nürge-Krug, Edda Herrmann-Scheefe and Inga Zube 
 …are board members and are always ready to make an effort on the behalf of the organization. Regina Nürge-Krug is responsible for this web site and press releases.

Mareike Behrens and Annika Behrens
 …are youth speakers. They represent the young members of the organization and inform their fellow students about the projects of "Arivu".