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Youth Speakers visited Belgium

HamS 01-06-2008

Our Indian partners visited the ASS (Die Harke 29.04.2008)

Visit from India (Die Harke 18.04.2008)

Arivu is helping to organize tour to Brussels (Die Harke 14.02.2008)

Arivu e.V. is introducing itself (Nienburg-Journal Dezember 2007)

Advent wreaths (Die Harke 21.11.2007)

RTL is shooting at the ASS (Harke am Sonntag 07.10.2007)

Foto-AG donated check to help partner school in India (Harke am Sonntag 15.07.2007)

The students of the photo study group (Foto-AG) of the Albert Schweitzer School accompanied the move of the Nienburg hospital last November. They took photos of the complete hospital move and filmed it. The hospital management rewarded this work by donating money for a social project of the school. The donation of 500 Euro was dedicated by the study group to the children of their partner school in the South of India. The group was led by Regina Nürge-Krug.

Flea market (Harke am Sonntag 08.07.2007)

Hundreds of visitors came to the Indian study group`s (Indien-AG) flea market in the school building. This was organized with the help of Arivu. An attractive programme including Indian belly dance could be enjoyed. The proceeds completely go to the partner school in India. “Arivu – Future through Education” will make sure that the donations will be sent directly to the school in Neerpair in the south of India.

Public charity founded (Die Harke 29.06.2007)

Supporting children`s home and learning about developmental aid

The idea to found a public charity was formulated by the members of a group of 20 teachers, students and parents of the Albert Schweitzer School who visited India last autumn. The group was invited to the inauguration of the students' boarding home at the partner school in the small town of Neerpair. The students of the ASS and the Indian study group (Indien-AG) have been supporting the school for two years now and have so far sent their help via a small charitable organization in Hildesheim (Aktion Indien).